Evaluating my warm spring type capsule wardrobe

A few days ago I looked up some things from my capsule wardrobe planning and realized that I bought and created the capsule in September. Time flies when you are having fun, huh? Or well, time flies when you are wrapping up a PhD thesis.

Anyhow, we are now almost three months further and that to me means its time to evaluate. Cannot help it, I am a scientist. Need.to.evaluate.data....

Let me show you again what my current capsule wardrobe looks like:

I went for a color scheme that was supposed to work well with a warm spring color type. My color choices were basics in navy and dark brown and accents in teal and marigold. I also had a few black pieces that were fairly new and wanted to "use them up". The whole wardrobe consists of 21 pieces, how is that for a minimalist approach?

So, how did that go? Well, after a few weeks I had already picked my favourites. There were also a few pieces I was not so happy about. And this first impression did not change over the coming weeks so in retrospect, I can say that this is my verdict:

 Now, as for the items I did not use, I have to admit that the black trousers and the skirt were too warm for our insanely warm autumn. I expect to get more wear out of them now that it is finally colder. Oh, the joy of snuggling up in a coat, gloves and a cozy hat!
The chequered ankle pants were a favourite of mine for the last few years, but I may have seen worn them too often and was slightly bored by them. And the burgundy blouse was just too dressy for me. I am not a big fan of blouses and that showed.

Furthermore, I found out that my color scheme, although I really tried to make it look work for the warm spring type, was more based on autumn color schemes. Not too bad, given that those two types are pretty close. But not quite right. The very dark green skirt and the dark chocolate brown are more autumn than spring. I want to make small adjustments in that direction to see if that improves the wardrobe even more. As a reminder, here are the color tones for both autumn and spring types:

See? I am still rather close to autumn. Then again, this wardrobe is miles away from my black-on-black that I had grown so accustomed to before. Getting there.

During the next couple of weeks, I want to make use of the sales and see if I can find some cozy winter clothes to add to my current wardrobe. Maybe add in some beige cashmere, or some grey tones. We will see. And I also need a pair of new boots. I ordered two pairs of cognac brown boots. Let's see how I like those.