Color palette musings for the warm spring type

In my last post,  I was waffling about how confused I got when I tried to find my color type - and my stunned face when I discovered that my current wardrobe is wrong, all wrong!!

Ok, so off with the drama, and on with the action. I have spend a ridiculous amount of time on pinterest as well as various blogs (hello, Vivienne Files!) and I have come up with a plan. 

Looking closer at some of the things I currently own and some of the colors of the warm spring palette, I came up with a plan on how to build my new wardrobe, color-wise. It slowly feels as if I could write a doctoral thesis about my wardrobe as well once my actual one is done. I am right in the flow here, so why not, eh?

Right, so here is the color scheme for warm spring again:

From these colors, I love dark brown, teal, stone and rust.

I also had a look at these color schemes I found on pinterest:

Love the chocolate brown and rust in the upper picture, the jade and bright blue in the middle and the marigold in the lower picture.

Based on these preferences, I came up with the following palettes that I would like to incorporate in my wardrobe:
Now these are almost complete opposites to what I own now. My current staples: a ridiculous amount of black T-shirts, combined with nave and the occasional pop of color with a teal or brown cardigan. Pants and skirts in black, grey and brown. Hm. Obviously, I am not going to throw it all out for a new color palette. 
First of all, I am already poor and second, I have never tried on pieces in rust or marigold. How would I know they suit me. No, these palettes are ideas to go by, not carved in stone. More like written in clay. You know, it could harden out and become an undestroyable thing, or it may be washed out by the next rain shower. Wow, getting lyrical about clothes. Low- or high point????

Anyways, my point is that over the next months I will be trying new colors in the palette and then have to find out if this actually works for me. And if so, which colors suit me best. At that point, I shall make some changes to my wardrobe, but it will be gradual. I was thinking somewhere along this line:

This is a two-step approach in which my current favourite color - black, black and more black, will be replaced by dark brown. I like to wear black shirts to conceal that I am rather large-chested, but dark brown will do the job as well. I already own two teal-ish cardigans and one brown one so that is a start towards the right direction. 
In step two, I will hopefully have culled down on the black and then be able to slowly replace the navy, which is not too bad for my type, with stone. Or well, grey. Guess stone sounded better in the original color charts. As for the second pop of color, I love either rust or marigold but so far I am not sure if any of them looks good on me. I will try them on and decide which it is going to be and adjust the palette accordingly. 

So I do have an idea of where I want to go at least, but still have to try a few things ( read: colors) before I make a commitment. It is kind of funny to think that I NEVER tried on rust or marigold colored items. Or terracotta, pumpkin, coral, pine green,.....