Warm Spring Type capsule wardrobe - the winter edit

Brrrr.... cold! 
Now that we had our first real subzero temperatures here and are well into december, there is no denying, it is winter now. While my capsule wardrobe is build with the idea of layering for extra warmth, I have to tweak it a little bit for the cold, rainy, and muddy weather that is lying ahead of us here in the Netherlands. Who knows, we might also have snow. But for the most part, winter here is all about cold and rain.

As a reminder, this is my current wardrobe, assembled in September this year:

A week ago, I showed you an evaluation of this wardrobe explaining which items I wore and which ones were not among my favourites. See here:

Keeping my evaluation in mind, I edited the wardrobe to fit both colder weather and my style preferences. 

One thing I noticed was that I missed vintage pieces. I love to wear vintage and sacrificed on it in order to make the capsule wardrobe look more "grown up". Not a good idea. I missed my vintage items.

The next point was that I am really, really over black now. Except for tops, which I still prefer to have darker colors, I do not like wearing black so much. 

I also fell in love with my brown ankle boots which were pretty, comfortable and water tight! Because I loved the dark brown color so much, I went looking for new boots in the same hue. And low and behold, I found a pair on sale (50% OFF!!!!!). So without further ado, here is my winter wardrobe:

You will notice that I got rid of the black skirt and the black pants. I also removed the ankle pants because they do not fit the season. The black blouse is gone as is the grey T-shirt because I did not feel good in them. I added two woolen vintage skirts, one in brown with teal and marigold (how amazing is that) and one in brown with blue and beige. I also added the only turtleneck sweater I can seem to pull off, also a vintage piece, hence the bad picture.

So this is it. As you can see, Rome was not built in a day. Some of the items I bought originally did not make the cut into the next round because of their fit or color. And that is okay. This capsule building is very much a work in progress. Mind you, I started with black and dark blue for the most part. I actually enjoy the process. Finding new colors to fit me is exciting and sometimes surprising and that is a good thing. I was stuck in a rut and bored with what I had been wearing. Now, it is all about exploring and trying out new things.