Cozy autumn with a new old friend

Hello there!

So it is officially autumn now. Kinda funny because we did not have a lot of summer before. But oh well, I still love autumn. Sorry, summer. Autumn is my favourite time of year. I like to look at the leaves changing color, I love the smell, the fact that is is more chilly in the morning and at night. Love it. And so far, the autumn we had was rather nice. Not too much rain, a lot more sun than those past few months and to top things up, I am looking forward to going on vacation very soon. Yeah! What's not to love about autumn?!

A few weeks ago I discovered that my beloved vintage coat (see here) needed some fixing. Broken seems. Happens. But it did happen at a very inconvenient timepoint and I had to come up with a different way to stay warm. That's when I rediscovered my cape! The cape was a gift from my parents when we were in Scotland, some four years ago. I have NEVER - I kid you not - NEVER worn it outside the house. The thing is that even though I love wearing vintage I do not like to attract attention. Yeah, sounds weird I know. And at time, a cape would have been THE most flamboyant thing in the town I was living. A few years later though, I am more content with the way I like to dress and to be honest do not give a murine's posterior (lame science joke, sorry) about what other people think. So I pulled out the cape, draped it around me and bravely conquered the streets. Guess what? Yes, noone noticed. Haha!
So without further ado, I represent to you: the cape! And some very pretty autumny flowers. Enjoy!

 Cape: some mill store in scotland, 2008, skirt: H&M, panty: V&D, shoes: Vagabond, flowers: B&B flowers, vase: rosenthal