Hi there,

today was the first day I did not wake up to the sound of pouring rain outside. Happy me for an hour or so... and then the thunderstorm hit. I am a bit fed up with this weather now, can the rain please stop?

Anyways, while it was still dry, I managed to get out on the balcony for a quick peak around. So far, all the plants seem to keep up quite well with the pouring rain, except for the bell pepper, which does look a bit sad and has developed some wrinkly leaves. Not sure, what it is but I will check on it to see if it gets worse.

The next thing I discovered was that my radishes are coming up! Yey, go radishes. I planted them around the peas because they grow and mature quite fast and I can harvest them well before the peas. A bit more patience and soon I will have delicious radish salad. Yum.

 Look, baby radishes!

Have a good monday!