My top 5 minimalist inspiration sites

While I am busy decluttering  my closets and life, it is always fine to look for inspiration and motivation. Today I want to share with you my top 5 inspirational websites about minimalism. If you want to have a look yourself, please click on the site names and you shall be redirected to the site in a jiffy.

Want to learn more about traveling fashionably light? Need inspiration how to go on vacay for three weeks with just a carry-on? Or are do you want to reassure yourself that an almost "empty closet" can still yield in fashionable outfits? Coco got you covered.This blogger/youtuber shares her home with us and inspires us to declutter not only that closet but to also take a look at the kitchen, bathroom...

This is the mothership of minimalist wardrobes.Courtney developed system 333 where you will select 33 items to wear for three months. After three months, you select another 33 items for the next round and so on, and so on. The site has a lot of inspirational stories from others who succeeded and the more you read, the more 33 items sound like quite a lot.

Jennifer L. Scott, author of "Lessons from Madame Chic" brings us the ultimate capsule wardrobe inspired by the most fashionable women on the planet. Yes, the french of course. Jennifer lived in France and after seeing how french girls take care of their wardrobe, there was no going back for her. If you are looking for tips on how to build a capsule wardrobe, investment shopping and a well-lived life, have a look at this site and youtube channel.

Have a look at Caroline's site if you are looking for hands-on help. She provides a capsule-wardrobe planner, lots of fashionable outfit inspiration and even snippets of her minimalist yet cozy home.

This youtuber documents tiny houses, small apartments and everything related. Kirsten shows us that there are so many people out there with creative solutions for living luxurious with less, that there is a solution to every house problem. If you have a moment, watch her documentary "We the tiny house people". You will never look at you home the same way again.

Where do you turn to for minimalism / living with less inspiration?