Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all!

This Easter has a bit of a strange feel to it. Not only am I sick with a flu making it extremely hard for me to just get out of bed. But this year, I am also just staying home.... home as in The Netherlands. Hmmm...
As for most of us expats out there, public holidays provide a perfect platform to hop over and visit friends and family. Not only because we have to take up less holiday hours (yeah, I am all into saving, very Dutch of me) but also because a lot of my friends are also returning to their roots, if you will. Perfect opportunity to meet them and catch up. I mean, when if not for christmas do you have to meet a friend now living in China? See!
So this year is different. I am here. Simply because my family is absent and I feel kinda strange to go "home" when all the people that make it my home are gone...

Anyways, back to today's post. Originally, I planned a series on how to dress vintage-inspired for work. But as I am sick I really do not want to have my picture taken. And also my clothes do not hold up to my normal standard (yes, I do won sweatpants and am wearing them now!).

So instead of clothes, you will get a to see my easter-tree, or however this thing is called. At easter, we have the tradition to bring in twigs and decorate them with painted eggs and all kinds of easter-kitsch. So here is mine! I bought the twigs in my local supermarkets flower section. They are minty-green and complement a cupboard standing next to them