... and then it was 1956 again!

Last friday, a friend of mine and me went to see JD McPherson play in Utrecht. I had heard and read so many good things about him and his music so when he finally came to a town near mine I had to go and see. So to be honest my expectations were quite high. Even more so since Jimmy Sutton is playing bass and has produced the album. Why is that special? Because he - like me - believes in the pure and original things. In his case that would be playing true Rockabilly music, and subsequently mixing and recording this music on original equipment from the fifties. For me, it means enjoying 1950s and 60s clothes, acessoires, furniture whenever possible.
Well, back to JD McPherson. Like I said, expectations were high and he managed to exceed them. Boy, did we go loose! People dancing everywhere, singing with him, having a swell time. Thanx JD! We had a blast!
After the concert, I even managed to have a few words with Jimmy Sutton and let him sign my record. Yep, I know I sound like a teenager here. And it gets even worse now. 
Behold the pictures of this great night out: