THE Coat... and my two personas

I live a double life... no, honestly I do. On the one hand there is my job which cannot be further away from glamourous. That means I could propably show up at work in a tracksuit and noone would bother. We are brain peeps over there. On the other hand I love the feminine style of the 1950s and 60s, I watch Mad Men to get inspired in clothing, I have a stash of old magazines at home for inspiration,... you get the idea. But here is the thing: how to match my two lifes? Yes, of course I do not have to match them but it would make my wardrobe so much more....umm... shall we say crowded? So starting today, I will be on a quest!
I will try my best to create a wardrobe that I can use at work and tweak up for nights out dancing, festivals, 50s meetings.
Here is look number one: I bought this coat a couple of weeks ago and it is without doubt THE brightest piece of clothing I own. But I love it. I paired the coat with skinny jeans, a blue and white blouse, black cardigan and ballerina flats. Voila! Perfectly work-appropriate and still a bit 50s.

Coat: Vind vintage Haarlem, Jeans: dunno, Blouse: C&A, Cardigan: Tchibo, Ballerina flats: van Haren, yellow earrings: Karstadt