Insomniac in blue

Hope you all had a great weekend and did you remember that sunday was mother's day? Good!
So here I am back to my quest. Excuse me for looking all beaten up, I have not slept at all last night hence the kitten glasses in the picture. Rock star moment being inside with my sunglasses on! Also, lack of sleep has a negative impact on my creativity so today's outfit is playing safe a bit (and being boring a bit as well). The light blue cardigan actually has a story about it. It was my grandmother's and belonged to a very pretty late 1960's evening gown. Gran gave the cardi to me and I think it was the first vintage piece I owned... and after that one my obsession started. So yes, I love the cardigan very much as it reminds me of her. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get some sleep asap.

Cardi: grandma's, shirt: H&M, cigarette pants: H&M, ballet flats: van Haren, coat: Vind vintage, bag: Oasis