Excuse the bad lighting, but I got up at 4:30h this morning and it was pretty dark when I took the pictures. Anyways, part 2 of my quest to look more 50s every day.
Today its cigarette pants and a lovely polkadot top I recently bought. Ballerina flats are the same as yesterday.
Btw, did you ever experience this: You think you look alright, then someone snaps a pic of you and it scares you to death? Jep, happened to me yesterday. I knew of course that I was tired and exhausted, comes with the job. But when I snapped those outfit pics yesterday it scared the heck out of me. Ewww.... tired skin, puffy eyes, pasty-ness... Guess the next quest will be then to better maintain myself. But today we are talking 50s look.

Cigarette pants: Mango, top: H&M, cardigan: Street One, ballerina flats: van Haren


Miss Maple said…
I like the polka dot top. Ballerina flats are always a good choice. Have a nice Sunday!
Kristel Klear said…
Thanks for the lovely comment. Enjoy your weekend.
Gruss aus Holland nach Deutschland!