Sporting the third bike

Hey ya!

It's been quite a while since I did my last post. Balancing work, friends, leisure time and this blog/online diary is harder than expected. Well, finally I decided that today is the day! Today I will update.
And what can be better than kicking it off (again) with the most Dutch things... biking. Yes, I got myself a new bike. Not really spectacular, you might say. But let me add that this is actually me THIRD bike. Now how is that for a change?
I already had one at my home for biking to the train station, running errands, etc. The second one is for when I get off the train in Amsterdam and go to work since I am not really a folding-bike fan. 
And now I can welcome bike no 3 to my exquisite collection of "oma-fietsen" which resides in the North with my significant other. It's a very nice bike from a company called Union. They had to close down a couple of years ago but their bikes are amazing. Lucky me! 
So a while ago we took my newest possession for a spin around town. Here we are, bike and me, just before take-off:

Coat: V&D, cigarette pants: H&M, stockings: no idea, scarf: from Hong Kong, baret: thrifted, flower clip earrings: thrifted, bag: Oasis, bike: Union