A weekend on wheels

... not heels! Forgive the lame wordgame, but I just could not resist. Anyways, after heaving a couple of tough weeks behind us, my Mr and me decided that this weekend should be all about relaxation and enjoying the great outdoors. So we slept incredibly long, had yummy breakfasts and then took the bikes out for a spin.
Saturday we went to one of our favourite places, Zandvoort aan Zee. It seems that every time we need to charge up we are heading to the sea. There is something very refreshing and recharging in the air or so... I dont know. We like it there. So we dipped our toes into the sand, strolled over the beach, had yummy lunch in our favourite cuban-inspired beach bar and happily cycled back home.

Today we were up for something more challenging. So we went to the village of Spaarndam first, which is shockingly picturesque. I had to remind myself all the time that we were not even 20km away from Amsterdam. It felt as if we had cycled back in time... Next we pedaled along a part of the "Stelling van Amsterdam" and through the nature reserve of Spaarnwoude.
We went further to the village of Santpoort Zuid where we had a glimpse at the ruins of Brederode castle. The castle can be visited but unfortunately was closed today. So off we went to Santpoord Noord and Driehuis and to our final destination, Ijmuiden. In Ijmuiden we stopped for a well deserved lunch. Salad with poached egg, Roquefort and bacon...hmmmmm. My Mr had THE BIGGEST bread with carpaccio, truffel oil and cheese I have ever seen. Food was lovely and we felt totally recharged to pedal home.
In the end, we found out that we cycled more than 30km. Not really planned, we just went with the route that most appealed to us. But a day well spent!