Call me big bird

Hi there!

Seems I can start a whole new categorie here... personify your favourite childhood character or so. Not that I plan this to happen but my dear colleagues have a way to associate my outfits with certain personas. So we had the smurfs already a while ago, now here is their newest observation.

I got myself a pair of musterd-colored tights lately. Or so I thought. When I wore them last week (yes, I know someone is late with her outfit post) I was compared with big bird from sesame street!!
Umm... right. Well, to be honest I think its funny AND the tights brightened up a pretty dull and grey day so I dont really mind what others think. I like them and will wear them again, so colleagues: BE PREPARED!

Tights: V&D, skirt and black T-shirt: H&M, jacket: Street one, black ballerina flats: van Haren