How to survive a long distance relationship - packing for the weekend

Hey there!

I dont know if I ever mentioned it but my dearest Mr and me are not living in the same place. He actually lives some 3 hours by train away from mewhich means that twice a month (or more) I am packing my suitcase and head over to the other side of the country. Now I do not consider myself an expert in these things but we have been going back and forth for quite a while now and after two years I found out which things do or do not work for me. So why not share them with you? So here is part one of my travel musings: how to pack your suitcase for the weekend.

1) Travel light and weather-proof
The latter is of great importance when you live in the Netherlands. We have so much rain! And wind, which makes the rain go everywhere. So as much as I adore vintage suitcases from the 50s and 60s they are just not practical. Sorry! Also, going to my Mr requires taking a Metro, then changing into the train and changing trains in between. Too much for my to carry a suitcase. So I went for a simple, light, silver trolley suitcase. It is made of plastic so bring on the rain, snow and wind... my clothes will still be dry and neat when I arrive. The suitcase also has big wheels making it easy to drag and stable. I went for the smallest size available, it is scarcely bigger than a makeup case. I mean seriously, how much would you need for two days, right? I even lived from it for five days with no problem. All a matter of properly planning your outfits upfront.

2) Check the weather forecast for the weekend
 You would think that this is a no-brainer but in the beginning I was so often all grumpy and frumpy because I was cold or melting away just because I forgot to take the weather into account when packing. So please, make your relationship happier by checking the weather!

3) Plan your outfits wisely upfront 
This is something that Candice de Ville from Superkawaiimama inspiredme to do more thoroughly. I am having a routine now for thursday evenings. I put on some good music, make myself a cup of tea... and start planning outfits for the weekend. If you have to carry a suitcase twice a month, you want to be able to create as many outfits as possible without shlepping as little as possible. So I always decide on a certain color combo: black with red, brown with turquoise or purple, blue with white, ...
If the colors are set, I plan my clothes around it. I normally would pack a skirt and a pair of pants, one of which I would wear, one will go into the suitcase. I always take a shirt and a cardigan and a sweater. Again, wearing one and packing the other. So this way I can wear the skirt or the pants with either the sweater or the shirt and cardi. See, four outfits right there! Of course, I will add a LBD if I know we will have a party to attend or a special dress for a occasion.

4) Accessorize!

And with that I also mean shoes. I always take a pair of flats which I normally also wear for the journey and a pair of heels. This way, you can be more glam or more practical with your outfit in no time. Also, ou can give the same outfit a totally different vibe just by adding different accessoires. Loudly colored tights are my favourite at the moment to spice up my skirts. Or you go all black and white with your outfit and finish it up with some bright red necklace or earrings... or bangles... or a cool headscarf. The options are endless...

This is it for the moment. Come by again for my second part on how to prep YOURSELF for the journey and make the trip as pleasant as possible.


 My current suitcase

 The upper comartment always holds my shoes, belt, purse and laundry

 This is what I packed last weekend. Made up for four outfits (including what I am wearing on the upper pics). And yes, that is a shoe bag under my flats. They are very unexpensive and packing nice shoes in old plastic bags totally freaks me out. So treat your shoes well and get them a proper bag. Thank you

Some vintage accessoires I took. Flower clip earrings and bangles