Last weekend... feat. my Mr

Last weekend was a bit of everything. We attended a wedding which gave me the opportunity to buy my first hat. Strange as it seems, as much as I love the styles from the 50s I do not own a decent hat. So for the first time I went into a hat store and bought me one. Of course its 50s inspired since it had to fit my pincurl set hair. The lady in the shop was extremely helpful and very sweet. After she got my style she specifically pulled vintage-inspired designs and hit it each time. Pillboxes... swooooon. In the end I chose a beige straw number because I wanted something summery and light.
Except for the wedding we also headed out for a project we are busy with... our first big purchase as a couple. And no, it is not a car! So we spend the rest of the weekend touring the province of Friesland ending up in places we have never been before. Hemelum, anyone????

Dress: Fever, Bolero jacket: Zero, Purse: thrifted, hat: Hoeden m/v   Whohooo, I am not wearing a single piece from a certain swedish clothing chain!!!!!

Yes, we had to wait in font of many, many bridges....

Hope you had a great weekend as well.