Spinach tart

Hi there kitchen gods and godesses,

time for another recipe. This one comes from a "light cooking" mag. Not that I am on a diet really but I have been eating rather poorly those last weeks and want to be more conscious about my food. So tonight it was spinach tart which goes like this:

 Cut 100g of smoked chicken breast into cubes

 Take two eggs and whisk them together with the following:
 100g grated cheese
 125ml light cooking cream, salt, pepper
 Cook 150g beans, shortly before they are done, add 200g spinach, let the spinach sink, then rinse everything with cold water and press the water out of the spinach thoroughly

 Use 1 tablespoon of olive oil to cover the inside of a tart-tin, then line with 5 pieces of ready-made savoury dough. Add the chicken cubes.

 Add the drained spinach and beans, pour the egg-mix over.

 Throw 2 tablespoons of pine nuts over the tart.

Bake at 180oC for 50 min. Enjoy!

P.S.: Sorry for not posting pictures of the finished tart, but my camera gave up right after this picture. Hope that it is just the battery.