The Great Gatsby goes Amsterdam bar week

Well how do you do!

Do you know the feeling when you are doing something that you really, really should not do and your head yells at you to act your age and be responsible but the temptation is just too big? You HAVE TO do it? That is how the following picture was shot.
This week Amsterdam is having the annual barweek. Cocktail bars allover the city are participating and coming up with special theme nights, tastings, offers... See, how could we not go????
On the other hand, I am flat broke, need to save money because we will be going on vacation soon and I need a new bike and I have a big presentation at work tomorrow for which I should be well rested.
So we made a deal to go to only one event which HAD TO BE the Great Gatsby night at an amazing hidden bar we have been to before. Entering the bar on a "normal" evening is already mysterious but imagine this combined with the speakeasy flair of past times. So I called and made a reservation because you will not be let in without. On 21.00h Ms A., Ms H. and me were at the door, rang the bell and a tiny window in the door opened. Out looked a sharply dressed young man who subsequently opened the door just a tiny bit. He asked for our names and after checking his chart let us in. We were pampered the whole evening with free water refills and nibbles (olives the size of prunes!) and enjoyed amazing cocktails from the period, of course. In the picture you can see me with a French75 which was a nice drink but the actual showstopper was the sidecar I had next. If you ever have the luck to visit "door74" in Amsterdam, please do me a favour and order a sidecar. It will be the best you ever tasted, promise!