Back from the past

Gruess Gott!

Phew, have I been neglecting this blog! Weeks fly by and it is october already. Whaaaat???!!!?? What have I been doing? Oh, well.... loads and loads. Going to Germany to visit friends then going back again to spend time with my family, been on vacay and the job is crazy right now.
But this is not the place to rant about work, this is the place where I can come back to and look at all the other fun things going on. So lets focus on these, shall we?
Now what could be more fun than vacation? Exactly! Two weeks ago, my Mr and me took a few days off and went to Vienna. Here is a glimpse of our adventures there

Feeling very small at Belvedere castle, now housing a museum / gallery where we strolled between original Klimt paintings

 The H&M is waaaaay more stylish than ours
 I mean: look!!!! Look!! This is an H&M

 Vienna is even more pretty when its dark - Spanish riding school

 And even though it way packed with people, we found little remote spaces like this aisle

 Sacher Torte - highly condensed nutrition in its most luxurious and decadent form

 We went to visit Sissi in her royal palace

... where my Mr found a new friend
 Our hotel was a remnant from the fifties
 Hotel bar from the fifties
 The close-by village of Grinzing in all its autumny charme...
... and again, the fifties are everywhere!

More soon. Have a great week