A very vintagey good morning

Hey there,
its been a while... again. I dont know exactly why, but there just was not a lot to blog about lately. I mean, who would be interested in grey skies, watery snow, darkness and me working my b..t off? So better write nothing, I thought. However, I do have something to share with you now. Last weekend I went to visit my parents. On saturday, my mom and me went to the local goodwill where Ifound a lot of pretty additions to our breakfast table. In total, I scored a new tablecloth, two pale green sets, a butter plate, two serving plates for cheese and meat and a sauciere from a company called Arzberg. Very high quality china. Some items you can see in this picture. The cups and plates are from Rosenthal, form 2000 designed by richard loewy. My all time favourite.
I dont know about you but it makes me happy to have a nicely set breakfast table. All through the week it is rushing, not taking time for proper dining. So in the weekend we like to take our time and set everything as nicely as possible. Enjoy your sunday, we are now off for a tennis tournament. Watching others play, that is...