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Two posts in one day! Blogging madness right here!
I am currently at my Mr's place and SHOULD be working on some work stuff while he is out and about playing at a tennis competition. However, I found myself test-driving his appartment for photogenic places trying to put together an outfit post. Epic fail! I mean, how are you supposed to look glamourous in front of a white wall? Or a messy dresser full of pens and papers, glasses, toothpicks (no kiddin)...? So in the end I found this little spot next to his couch for shooting some pics.
Thing is, my outfit options are rather limited currently. One reason being that I am rather stressed lately which always results in me having too many sweets while not working out. Short: I put on some pounds and dont like myself on pictures that much. Second, I cleaned out my wardrobe and do not have that much left to wear.
Do you know that feeling when you open your closet and get just do not feel inspired? Yep, that's where I am right now. Turns out I have a subconscius love for grey and black. I mean, when did I buy 4 (!!!!) black cardigans????? Or 3 grey skirts? And a grey dress?
So one night I just could not take the sight of my wardrobe anymore, collected everything that made me feel dull and donated it to the local goodwill. On the plus-side I now have a very spacious and clean closet. Downside: I do not have much left to wear. As all of you vintage-fanatics know, building a vintage (inspired) wardrobe does not exactly happen over night so let's see how long it will take me to reestablish a decent wardrobe. I also want to shop more consciously. Look out for items that relly fit and suit me and not just buy something because its vintage and I feel I have to give it a home (yes, I am shopping with this idea in the back of my head).
So stay tuned for news on how I re-build my wardrobe. In the meantime, here is what I am wearing today. Not fancy at all since it was all about sitting behind my computer not leaving the house. I do love the cardigan though. It was my grandmother's and the first vintage item I owned. The one that started the madness, if you will. The dress is just plain old H&M, stockings V&D and shoes from van Haren.
Have a nice weekend!