Hello there!

Remember yesterday when I told you that I got rid of half my wardrobe? And how I now want to re-stock it with good things? Here are two recent purchases, both fitting this new philosophy.
Purchase number one are the shoes. They are amza-balls! You would not believe (or well, maybe you would because you are stuck with the same dilemma) how many almost-fitting shoes I had. Almost every single pair I own is too big! For one reason or another I believed to be a certain size in terms of shoes which I was not. But I was so focused on this number that I kept buying shoes one size bigger than what I need. Stupid, really. It ended up in me having a closet full of beautiful shoes that I dreaded wearing because my feet hurt after a couple of hours. So away with them it was. And in with the new.
This time, my shopping rules are to take the time and try them on properly, buy good quality that I can walk and run around with the whole day and stick to colors that are versatile. This was the first pair I bought. They are from Clark's and heavenly to walk in. The color is sort of nude so they go with everything and they are good with dressy outfits as well as with vintage (inspired) clothes because they have a 40's feel to them. I am so pleased.
Purchase number two is the green cardigan from Loft. Yes, a cardigan. I just threw out three of them and immediately bought another one. BUT: this one is bright green. It adds color to my (still) rather dark basics and again can be dressed up and down. depending on the rest of the outfit and jewelry. The rest of the outfit is old. Black T-shirt from H&M and grey slacks from Zero. I have A LOT of these black T-shirts and am desperately looking for other options in terms of tops but have not found anything nice yet. All that I found so far made me look... bulky on top. But I'll keep trying.

Happy monday!