Window gardening

Hi there,

so here is the thing. I was determined to get back to blogging. I missed it and really wanted to get going again... and then I got sick. Great. Spend easter with tonsilitis. Never been in that much pain and never felt so weak. Only today, five days later (!) I feel ok-ish again. However, I do not look the part yet. Still very pale and grey and generally unattractive. So there is no way I am doing outfit posts. Also, my outfits currently consist of a very shameful mix of PJ's and yogapants. Not exactly me...

Instead, I would like to share my latest project with you. My window garden! The reason why this is special is that for years and years I hated gardening. Strong word, but that is how it was. I grew up on a farm with a massive garden. There were veggies and trees full of fruit. So every summer and autumn when all the fruit had to be processed it was a never ending story of harvesting, cleaning, preserving and storing. I do not want to know how many kilos of peas, beans and various fruits I plucked and cut, stuffed into jars and cans or made jam and juice from. Too much. And when all that was gone, there was the decorative garden in front and behing our house that needed attention too.
If you are twelve years old, this leaves a trauma. When I moved away from home, gardening was the last thing I ever wanted to do. EVER! I had a balcony and was proud to not have any flowers on there. Peace and quiet, finally!
But then something strange happened. I slowly began to miss the flowers. Weird. It started small. I little flower on my windowsill. Then another one. And another one. Oh, and lets not forget the cut flowers I am having in a vase on my dining table. They are a must-have.
This year, I finally began growing herbs on my kitchen windowsill. Have a look. So far, there is basil, thyme and chives as well as some cherry tomatoes. I am also tempted to try strawberries but I am not sure if they will survive indoors. If anyone has suggestions and tips for indoor gardening please let me know.


Miss Maple said…
Love your indoor garden!