Almost there

Ciao ragazzi!

Yes, that's right. I am going on vacay. The mister and me will soon spend a week in Italy, enjoying the sun, sea, mountains, good coffee, tasty food, pretty architecture... I could go on and on.
So I thought it would be funny to show you what and how I pack my suitcase because this is an art on its own. I learned about smart packing from the lovely Candice over at Super Kawaii Mama. If you do not know her blog, take a look. She is so stylish! So based on her advice, here is what I do.

  1. Determine how many days / nights I will stay. That determines the amount of clothes I will pack.
  2. Check the weather forecast of my destination. Duh!
  3. Write down whatever things you plan to take with you and look at the list in terms of how many outfits you can build with the clothes you intend to take with you. I normally write down too much and cross out half of what I first thought I needed. 
  4. Lay the clothes out on your bed, desk, table... andlook again how many outfits you can create. Also, look at colours, patterns. Versatile is what you aim so decide on two main colours and plan the rest accordingly. In my case I decided to go with black and white this year. Last time it was blue and beige.
  5. Pack it all up.
I like to travel light. My suitcase actually fits the measurements for hand luggage so it is pretty small. But then again, if you plan ahead you really do not need a lot to look put together and well groomed during your holidays. And without further ado, here is what I packed for a week's trip to Italy. Oh, one more word on shoes. They do not count this time. After a very disappointing summer last year and the coldest may I can remember I just took as many pretty summer shoes as I wanted to and went way overboard. Normally beach sandals, a pair of dressier ballet flats and a pair of pumps would do. But since this may be the only chance for me to wear my summer shoes, I took them ALL.

See you soon.

 All packed up, adding some hairbands, tissues, camera charger...
 My carry-on. Yes, that will be all. Some books, travel details, sunglasses, wallet, phone, adress book, scarf and a pouch holding a lipstick, lip balm, pressed powder, concealer and a sample size sunscreen. No need to schlep around a big backpack.