Blue take one

Hey there!

Happy Ascension Day to those of you who have it. Why this is a happy day? Because it's a day off in the Netherlands. At least for some. Not so much for a PhD student in her last year... but that is a different topic that we will not discuss here.

What I actually want to do is show you my outfit from monday. Like I said before, I threw out a decent amount of clothes and have not much left at the moment so it is all about reinventing and playing around with the things that survived the cleaning-frenzy. One of these things is a blue blouse I bought two years ago. I kept it for semi-official things I have to do but it does not fit well to be honest. So I think it will make its way to the thrift store as soon as I find a semi-chique replacement for it.

One more thing about my shoes as this is also a work in progress. When my cleaning-frenzy hit, a lot of my shoes also did not make it because they were either purcheased one size too big or were low quality and made my feet hurt after half a day. And I am not just talking high heels here. Even my sandals hurt! So I began restocking my shoe selection carefully. I wanted shoes that I can walk in for hours and hours, that a versatile and vintage-inspired. I may actually do a whole post on my current selection. Would that be interesting to you? Back to the point. These were among the first new heels I bought. They are brown Mary-Jane's from Vagabond and I got them on sale for half of their original price. I already wore them loads, I can even run in them and they go nicely with all my blue and brown garments. Score!

Pants: H&M, Blouse: H&M, cardi: Esprit, Shoes: Vagabond, earrings: Vintage