Last weekend... friends, cars and a sea of orange

Hi there,

I cannot believe that another week is gone already. Phew, time flies.
Last weekend was special here in the Netherlands, its when we celebrate our queen's birthday. Celebrations include fairs in a lot of cities, as well as free concerts and - most important- flea markets. Yes, once a year we are allowed to sell what we do not need anymore on the streets. Whole city centres turn into flea markets. It hasbecome a tradition that one of my best friends and her boyfriend come over at this weekend. She is just as crazy for vintage as I am which makes the flea markets so much more fun. I will show you the treasures I found in another post, today is actually more about the other things we did.
My friends arrived on saturday and the flea market only began on monday evening, so we had plenty of time to spend on chatting, drinking coffee and enjoying each others company. Other than that, we also went to the Louwman Car Museum. The car collection was started as a private one from a Dodge retailer in The Hague in the 1930's and has now reached a point where it is housed in a building the size of two huge warehouses... only the museum is way more stylish than a warehouse. Have a look.
Furthermore, on tuesday we not only celebrated our queens birthday but also saw her stepping down and her son being crowned new king of the Netherlands. Welcome, king Willem Alexander!
In the evening, we therefore went to Amsterdam to see him pass by on a boat, waving at us... and a couple of thousand others.
Have a nice weekend!