Vrijmarkt finds... finally

Hi there!

I finally took the time to snap some pictures of the things I bought at the vrijmarkt in Utrecht two weeks ago. For those who are not familiar with the concept: every year at the 29th (evening, Utrecht only) and the 39th of april (nation-wide), the Netherlands turn into one gigantic flea market. EVERYBODY can sell whatever he or she wants to get rid off. Fleamarket-Mayhem, if you will.
While normally I would go nuts and come back home loaded with tons of stuff, this year I was holding myself in a lot. Reason for that being that my Mr and me want to move in soon (insert a big smile here) and I do not want to purchase things I may have to throw out in some months again.
So here are my treasures:

 Two brooches. The right one is made of enamel and from the thirties, I think. The left one is costume jewellery from the sixties.
 Water-Siphon. I have trouble dating this thing so if there is an expert out there, please help! Based on the plastic used and the sticker... maybe 30´s as well?
Two lovely cocktail shakers. The left one is from WMF, who make high-end stainless steel kitchen stuffy. The right one is from the 50´s and has a gimmick. See the little metal pedal hanging into the glass? It is a battery-powered stirring device which is still working! It allows you to stir the perfect Martini! This quirky little thing will be the farewell gift for a friend. We share a love for cocktails and I will miss her a lot. She is going back to her home country... Iceland. But do not dispair, I heard that Reykjavik has some amazing cocktail bars. So I will definitely check whether that is true.

Have a nice weekend everyone!