Eat me vintage: Maltesian rice

Hi again,

I am back from work, got hungry and decided to cook something from one of my vintage cookbooks. Checked the pantry, fridge and fruitbowl and their contents actually matched a recipe in one of the books.

Here we go: Maltesian rice

Sorry, the book is in German, but I will translate as we go along.

So first things first: fry up some bacon dices and an onion, roughly chopped.
Once that is done, add a big cup of rice.
Leave the rice to roast with the bacon and onion for a moment, then add a glass of wine and the same amount of beef stock as you added rice to the mix.

Leave to simmer for 10 min and at the end of the cokking time, add 1 grated apple and a banana chopped in slices. Uh, and season with curry powder!

Voila, done in less then 20minutes, very delicious and... pretty!


Miss Maple said…
This recipe sounds really very delicious. I'm going to try that soon cause I like the sweet and spicy mixture. Maybe I will refuse the bacon dices because my daughter is vegetarian and I try to eat less meat although it will give a yummy taste to the rice. I like the name of this dish too: Maltesian Rice. That sounds a bit exotic and I want to go to Malta sometime for a language course. So that would be a little teaser. Thank you for sharing.