Sardinia in outfits

Ciao ragazzi!

Long time, no speak. We are back from a marvellous vacation on Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy. And what a beautiful island it was. Mountains and beaches, villages and remote spots... and loads of good food which had a detrimental effect on my waistline. So be it. I just could not possible pass on a dish of homemade pasta.
In my last post I showed you what I packed for a week-long stay so I thought it would be nice to show you some of my outfits. I was a bit lazy and did not take daily outfit shots so i cannot show you all but I can assure you that I wore a different combo every day.

Have a great start into your workweek!

Outfit number one on sunday when we went to the town of Sassari and Stintino beach. You cannot see much but I was wearing the same combo as in this post plus my trusted 60s vintage jacket. All this combined with my beach bag. A plea of advice here: If you ever have the chance, please go visit "La Pelosa" beach in Stintino. It is breathtaking! The water has every shade of blue, there is white beaches, rocks and waves, all guarded by an ancient watchtower. Almost too pretty to be real.
 The next day we discovered the village of Isola Rossa where our hotel was. In the evening we went out to have dinner at "La Torre" restaurant. Wild mushroom pizza - yum! This is me on the harbour´s wall... who said you cannot climb in high heels?? Outfit: Gingham capri´s, black T-shirt, Black cardigan, blush pink heels from Clarks and faux crocodile vintage bag. Oh, and the yellow vintage jacket of course.

 A couple of days later we went to see Neptune´s grotto. It is a 650 steps climb to get there... and 650 steps to get back to the car. But so worth it. Beautiful! I was wearing a practical, climbing-friendly outfit consisting of my black capri´s, biege polkadot top and my beige brogues.
 We spent another day lounging at the beach in Stintino and on our way back to the hotel had a llok at the medieval town of Castelsardo and its narrow, old streets. Here is my sproting the gingham capri´s with the black T-shirt and bright green cardigan. Paired with my trusted brogues again.
 Last but not least, we discovered the coastline leading to Santa Teresa di Gallura. Here we are at Portobello, in front of a dramatic coastline with waves splashing over rocks. Under my coat I wear the black T-shirt and green cardigan, paired with the black capri´s this time. And I wear my green sandals.
These are all the outfit shots I could find. For the rest I will leave you with some impressions from Sardinia. Go there! No, really... GO THERE!!!! It´s beautiful!