Something old, something new... which happens to be blue

Hi there,

no, I am not getting married. I am just over the moon with my newest purchase. Last week I found two skirts on etsy for next to nothing. They are part of my plan to restock the closet with interesting, fitting pieces. As I said a while ago, one day I just could not stand the sight of my closet and all its mediocre, black, grey and dark blue contents. I was one of those people that wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of their time. Honestly, it may have been 10% even. I had my standard combinations - no mixing and matching for me please - and when I rolled out of bed in the morning, I would just throw them on.
And then I had enough! One evening, half of the clothes - and shoes- I own went to the goodwill and I felt releaved... but now what to wear? What to buy new? Which colours? What style???

Well, the point about style got covered first. I love vintage clothing and look my best in the cuts and patterns from the past. So I knew that I wanted to incorporate more vintage items in my everyday wardrobe. But it also had to be practical vintage since my job demands to move around freely and lets face it, petticoats are not a great companion in a security level II lab.
So I did some reading on classic wardrobe staples, cuts and body shapes... and made a promise that if I went to a shop for a new item, I would try on as much pieces with different cuts and colours as possible instead of reaching for the easiest option... which I used to do before and was the reason of 4 black T-shirts and 4 black cardigans in my closet.

Over the last weeks I showed you some of my new pieces. The green cardigan became one of my favourites over time. And today I would like to share with you one of my two new skirts. Both skirts are A-line shapes from the 60's. This one is a vibrant blue with a little circle pattern all over. They were handmade and fit just like a glove. Happy, happy me!

Have a good start into your week!