Sorta summer at last

Hi there,

well, well, well... summer may not have forgotten us here in the Netherlands after all. Last week was pretty nice and even this weekend is ok. Lots of sunshine and for the first time, I went out with only the sheer tights on. Nice feeling, the wind brushing against your (almost) bare legs. I bought this skirt a loooong time ago, together with a warm woolen number from a second hand store in the north where my Mr lives. Needless to say that I wore the woolen one plenty while this one was hanging in my closet for months now. The shop had a sale going on when I walked in so I got skirts for less than twenty euros.SCORE! Love these steels. I actually have a good friend who also is into vintage (slightly different era than me, perfect for going to flea markets together!) and we can brag for hours about how little we spend on certain items. We even used to call another when we made an exceptional bargain.
Crazy, we know. But its nice to have someone to share your passion with, right?
Ok, back to the outfit. Today is saturday and the Mister and me went to the city for some errands. Since the sun is out I went for a bright and summery look wearing (almost) no black.

Here is me at a cafe trying to smile for the camera without my sunglasses on - epic fail! But I love how my vintage cardigan is glinstering...
 Outfit details taken with my phone at the Mister's house.

White knitted cardigan: flea market find a couple of years ago,
T-shirt: H&M, but I am working hard on finding new tops,
skirt: brown and beige silk from a second hand store in Leeuwarden,
black ballet flats: van Haren