The great outdoors - Utrecht by kayak

Hello there,

these days I seem to enjoy being outside quite a lot. So here is another of our adventures. Last weekend we went to Utrecht to have a look at this beautiful city from the water. But instead of getting on a crowded boat we went for another, more private option and took matters into our own hands... literally. We got kayaks here. The staff was very friendly and helpful and gave my mister some good pointers since he had never been in a kayak before. To me, I had been kayaking before but phew... that was years ago. So after a bit of a whibble-whobble and some coordination issues (that right-left thing, you know) we paddled off for a tour around town. And what a lovely tour it was!
It was absolutely deserted on the water, we met two other boats and one of those water-bike things.So if you want to do the tour as well, go early. Well, early actually is a funny word because we were there at 13:00h. Dutch people are getting up late on sundays I guess.
The tour let us through the old parts of the town and some of these parts are closed for motor boats which made the scenery even more spectacular because it was so peaceful ( and made paddling easy, no waves, no paying attention to big boats). We really took our time and sometimes just sat in our kayaks gazing around which resulted in the whole trip taking roughly 1.5 hrs. Oh, and we took a short spin into a nearby park as well. If you are paddling right through, you will be finished in an hour. Prices are very reasonable and Utrecht is spectacular from the water. I know, the same holds true for Amsterdam, but Utrecht makes you think you are going back in time...
Not convinced? Let me show you some of the spectacular views we had during our trip... some bonus shots of my mister included.
Happy start into the new week!