Autumn finally!

Hi there!

Did I mention before that autumn is my favourite time of year? The golden leaves falling fom the trees that you can brush through on a hike, the smell, the morning mist, the golden sun in the afternoon, warm tea and cuddling up in a blanket at your favourite coffee bar.
I am all for autumn! Shame it only lasts for a couple of weeks and will have to make way for cold, wet, dark and grey winter. Ok, we will have snow in winter as well and each year I am super-excited to see the first snowflakes slowly covering up the dull brown and grey nature. Snow makes everything look so much prettier. But fall! Fall is amazing!

We have a tradition in our family. Each year when fall starts we go into the woods and collect pretty leaves, oak nuts, pine cones, moss.... We bring these things home and decorate the house with them to celebrate the season. And even though I moved away from home, I still do this. Well, the adjusted version of this habit, that is. I am so busy rounding up my PhD that I almost do not have time for anything anymore. So one needs to improvise. Also, finding  proper woods can prove difficult in this country.

Last weekend, the Mister and me went for a walk along a canal in Leeuwarden, Friesland. The canal is lined by houses and trees so I started collecting my leaves and stuff over there. Not quite as cozy and relaxing as the woods, but alright. I also went to a local store that has all kinds of knick-knack and bought some candles and other deco and then assembled two pieces to decorate my tiny home.

Here is what I did. Enjoy fall!

 The before picture. This is what I bought and the little plastic bag to the left holds all the leaves we collected

 Piece number one completed. This one goes on the sideboard next to my dining area.

 Piece number two complete with piece number one peaking out in the back. This one goes on my dining table.
 Spiced pear aromatic candle to bring that autumny smell

 A pumpkin-scented candle. I am burning it right now and it smells delicious. I placed the candle next to my bed. Love the sleek design of it.