The great outdoors - walking in the national park "de deelen"

Hi there,

how is your weekend so far? Are you all relaxed and ready for another week?
Me, I am having the most lazy sunday ever, doing absolutely nothing. Ok, except for reading scientifc papers and writing the discussion for a paper. Ups, I did not even realize I am acutally working until I wrote this...

So now that my head is full of science, I decided to take a break and blog about what we did yesterday. We both wanted to be outdoors and get some fresh air. So we looked up a nice walking route and ended up with "De deelen". This is a protected area formed by peet harvesting for hundreds of years. Quite a common feature in the Netherlands, btw. Nature being shaped by the people living in it.
Now that the area is protected, it provides space for birds, frogs, toads, fishes,... us. We walked a small route which took us about an hour. Since the ground is very moist and soggy, you walk either on paths that are covered with wood-chippings or on wooden runways. The early-fall weather also ensured that we were no longer eaten up by moskitos, which of course thrive in the warm, wet and windstill landscape in summer. The trees around us were changing colour, we heard frogs and birds and we were the only ones around. Perfectly serene and very calming after a crazy work week.

Have a look! Happy sunday everyone!