Fall-ing for food.... chestnut soup

Hi there,

excuse the crappy word game in the header, it was just too tempting not to. Now, back to the serious business. Did I mention yet that I love fall? Maybe a bit? Did you get the subtle hints in the last few posts? No? Ok, just to be clear here: I LOVE FALL! And this year I got totally carried away. My house is a decorated floor to ceiling.
Another thing I am trying to focus on lately is cooking. Being a PhD student in the final phase of the project means no time for anything and the stuff I ate lately is too embarrassing to be written down... ever. After realizing this I am now on a quest to improve my eating habits and make some time for cooking proper meals. I a ma firm believer in seasonal cooking, I was raised this way and thus find it utterly disturbing to see strawberries in the supermarket in the middle of winter. Cannot help it, it is weird. Not to mention the carbon food print and the shipping costs that will then be reflected in the price you pay for a strawberry that flew around the world and tastes of NOTHING! Sorr, got carried away. Back to the topic. Which is cooking with the season that happens to be my favourite season. Oh, lovely fall dishes. Seems that all the good ingredients are ripe now. Apples, pumpkin, nuts, potatoes, venison, mushrooms, berries,.... yum, yum.
Though there are not many things I do not enjoy eating, there are a few I am reluctant trying. One of those are chestnuts. Not sure why, though but I always circle around them in the supermarket eyeing them suspiciously and ending up NOT buying them.  Until last weekend. We went home to my parents and I found a nice magazine at my mum's house, jam-packed with seasonal dishes. One of those dishes happened to be for a chestnut soup and this time, it sparked my interest.
Let me tell you, it is delicious! The flavours are great and the smell is lovely, not like any other soup I made so far. Vanilla and hearty food... yum.

If you also want to try this lovely soup, here is what I did. The original recipe can be found in the German mag "Leckeres aus der Landkueche"

 This is what you will need for 4 people: carrots, leek, 100g cream, a bit of butter to fry up the leek and the carrot, chestnuts, vanilla, and chicken stock
 Chop up the leek and carrots and fry them with a bit of butter or oil.

Fry them approx 5 minutes.
 Then add the chicken stock (500ml), marrow from 1 vanilla and 100g of cream.
 Leave to simmer for 15 minutes
 Mash up some chestnuts and add them to the soup base, puree everything.
Voila, here is your warming yummy fall soup. Enjoy!