Thrifting extravaganza

Hi again,

double post today to make up for the past months ;)
I am currently visiting my family like I do every year around christmas. And also in between...
My mom told me about a thrift store she discovered a while ago and so I had to check it out, of course. We went there right after I got home and boy, it was AMAZING! Very neat and clean with super-friendly staff. And the prices.... oh, the prices were low.
Here is what I bought:

 Lovely mid 50's sauce bowl which I intend to use for flower arrangements
 Great book explaining the japanese art of flower arrangements (see a pattern here?)

 Two mid 50s table cloths
 two napkins with a polkadot pattern
Two pillow cases with a pretty ornament pattern in them.

All for less than 5 euros!!!!

Happy, happy!
Enjoy the rest of your week.