Kristel.... klearly on the move

Hi there,

excuse the lame wordgame in the header, but I have a thing for lame wordgames and this one was just too good to let it pass.
Those last couple of weeks between christmas and now have been insane. Probably everybody feels this way but for me, the beginning of a new year always goes a bit more wasy. Work has to start up again, friends are slowly coming back from holidays, my bank account slowly recovers. I never feel stressed at the beginning of the year. This may also have to do with the incredibly depressing Dutch weather. January and february here are infamous for being filled with grey, cold, drizzly days - one as unspectacular as the other so you barely notice you are actually moving ahead in time. We are all just caught in this grey dullness, which eventually will give rise to a bit more warmth and sunshine and ahhhh.... it is spring. But not yet. No, no. We are still in the middle of greyness.
Although this year, the greyness is not that noticable to me because I am distracted by tow gigantic projects. This year is the year that I will make two giant leaps in my personal development. 2014 will be the year in which I defend my thesis and get that PhD! But wait, there is more. Much, much more. 2014 is also the year in which the Mister and me are taking the next step and finally move in together! Now you can cheer for me!

Moving in is a big thing for us. We have been in a relationship for more than three years now, all of which have been spend as a long-distance relationship. And while we do consider ourselves lucky living relatively close to each other, a three hour train ride - one way, that is - every weekend is just nerve-wrecking after a while. In the beginning however, it was the perfect solution for both of us I have to admit. We were both used to living a single live so we had to slowly get used again to being in a relationship. Having your partner around sure is a great thing and I enjoy spending time with the Mister, but I was just not used to this anymore. Distance relationships in this case offer the perfect tradeoff. During the week, you are single again while in the weekend, there is couple-time. It worked so well for us.

Then, we were ready to spend more time together. We had spent holidays together, visited each others families, traveled together, went through the good, the bad and the very ugly together. Long story short, we were ready for the next phase. But our jobs were still the same and kept us locked in the places we were living then. None of us could quit easily without a major problem for our personal and professional career. And we like our jobs. Both of us. At this point, frustration hit. The feeling that you are not capable of moving on the way you want to, pulled back and glued to your current position by an invisible force made it very hard for us. We kept telling ourselves that it is a matter of merely months until I would be free to leave and this sentence soon became our mantra. Months became weeks, and now, weeks have become days.

Soon, I will load up a van with all my belongings and hit the road up north starting a life together with an incredibly patient, smart, funny and handsome man I met five years ago on a houseboat party. And while at first sight people may wonder what we have in common, a second glance may show them that he is what keeps me in balance. He grounds me and supports me when I feel lost and confused. He shares my passion for simple, timeless classics and my need for calm. And while for some this may not sound wildly passionate and romantic, these are the most valuable and treasured qualities my significant other can have. Our lifes are full of exciting, crazy and unpredictable situations. No need to persue a relationship with the same traits.

So here I am, sitting in an almost empty apartment, sleeping on an air matress, waiting for moving day to finally arrive.
Until then, here are some snaps of my current home decor. They say everything looks better in black and white pictures. Well, I guess this does not count for spaces filled with moving boxes.