Green goodness

Hi there,

just a quick glimpse of what's my new healthy obsesssion. Green smoothie time every morning now. AFter leaving the lab to focus on writing my doctoral thesis, I found myself in a bit of a... bad shape. The stress of the last months resulted in some significant weight gain (yes, I comfort eat, loads!) while my physical fitness deteriorated until basically gone. That became very apparent during my move when I tried to hide the fact that schlepping my belongings to the third floor almost killed me. No, serious, it almost did.

That, paired with the fact that there is a running trail in front of my door now, inspired me enough to battle my current unhealthy lifestyle for the better.

So for two weeks now I have been extending my running until finally today, I ran my first 5 kilometers again. Big deal! More so, because it actually felt good while I was running. Next up, find a gym that suits me and bust my buttoms even more.

Next to starting on exercising, I also drastically changed my eating habits. Now, I know that WHAT I was eating and HOW MUCH was on the plate were not right, but to be honest, I just could not be bothered. Simple as that. But now there is two of us and I am home all day which makes it a perfect combo to start up cooking again. I don't really watch calories so much, though. Right now, it is merely about enjoying cooking and figuring out meals again. And when that delicious home-cooked food is on my plate, taking the time to eat and enjoy it. Oh, and about the portions.... well, I guess that it still is more than what others eat, but there are no more second helpings and it at least is less than what it was. Slowly making progress...

Now that was a lot of text given that I only wanted to share this lovely picture of my green smoothie with you: