Hi there,

the move is done! Whohoo, the mister and me are now officially living together. Which is great, but still a work in progress, as far as the apartments furnishing is concerned.
The day of the move we just crammed everything into the flat to return the moving van as quickly as possible. Then, we spend the rest of the weekend putting furniture together, stuffing stuff in closets, drawers, and my beautiful old kitchen buffet.
Now that the worst is over, we finally have the time to figure out how to make everything LOOK NICE. Since we don't know yet if we will stay in this house (most likely not), we don't want to make any major purchases trying to make do with the pieces we have. BUT: we also have a specificstyle we enjoy around the house. Let's call it retro-modern, scandinavian minimalistic based... sorta. So while we cannot change some things like the dead ugly, unpractical and dark kitchen, we can at least try to sprouce them up until they fit more to what we consider pretty.
And in the meantime, we had cocktails. Quite some. Here are two new recipes I came up with:

The doctor's prescription:
- 3cl Creme de Cacao
- 2cl Tequila
- 2cl Gin (Bombay Saphire in my case)
- 1cl Apricot Brandy
shake on ice, strain, serve immediately

Tough love:
- 4cl lime juice
- 3cl Gin
- 2cl Violet syrup
shake on ice, strain, serve with a lime wedge