Days in the sun and tomato progress

Hi there,

thought I will give you a quick heads up of our wonderful weekend here because the weather was absolutely AMAZING!
We had sun all weekend long and managed to BBQ on saturday. Saturday was also our housewarming party and we had a blast hanging out with all our friends and family. We were having such a good time, I actually managed to snap not one picture of the whole event. Bummer. On sunday, we then went for 100% recreation and hung out on the balcony all day doing absolutely nothing. And I managed to get a snap of my Mister looking all relaxed and happy with a glass of wine to prove my point ;)

While sitting on our lovely wooden deck, I also took a good look at my tomatoes and got all exited because they are now really in bloom. The first two blossoms are open and so far, they look good and healthy. The leaves on the plants are still a bit too pale for my liking so I will give them some homemade fertilizer this week. Maybe it helps. But so far, it looks as if we will be having some yummy homegrown tomatoes this year.

See ya soon.