First harvest and a growth update. And yes, I have another plant added.

Hi there,
greetings from my kitchen's balcony doorstep!

I found this my new favorite place to sit when having my morning coffee. We get up quite early and my Mister leaves the house at seven in the morning which is when the neighborhood is still quiet and serene. After waving him goodbye - yes, I wave him goodbye every day, it is our little ritual - I then take my coffee mug, cuddle up on the doorstep of the kitchen balcony door and enjoy me java while gazing at all the green around me. One could say I am meditating, if it was not for the occasional getting up to remove an old flower here and there, secure the peas to the trellis... I seem to be unable to sit still.

So in between all the fumbling around, sitting back down for a sip of coffee followed by more fumbling I discovered that my cucumber, despite having lost a shocking amount of leaves in the storm a few weeks ago, has some little cucmbers on it! Yey, I am growing cucumber! I already spotted them before and reported about them here, but back then, I was not sure if they really were cucumbers. From the varieties my mom is growing, I expected to see different flowers on them. But now, there really is no doubt these are baby-cucmbers. I cannot tell you how exited I am. I really hope they will survive.
The other thing I wanted to show you is my latest flower addition. We had a housewarming party last saturday and got showered in flowers. My Mister's mom and her partner brought us - amongst other things - a pot filled with petunia and verbena, which now sits on the southside balcony to attract bees and bumblebees.
And my family got us another one of my favorite flowers. Yes, we got another hydrangea! Its a creamy white variety with red edges on the flowers and I am in love with it. It stands next to my country hydrangea I got a couple of weeks ago and they are right in front of my when I am sitting on the doorstep. I am the happiest balcony gardener in the world right now!
 Look who made it all the way up to the third floor!
 Hydrangea love...

 Baby cucumber close-ups

And not to forget, we are now starting to harvest the first veg. That may sound a bit too dramatic for what it is, but yesterday, I plucked the first rocket leaves for my sandwich. Whole wheat bread from the organic bakery, rocket and old cheese... yummmmmm.

Have a good friday!