New additions to the balcony garden and my first try on water collection

Hi there,

whohoo, two posts in two days. I am on a roll!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my gardening project. I went to the gardening supply shop two days ago to get an extra pot and ended up buying two pots and a cucumber plant... what can I say, I am addicted.
The cucumber now lives on the north side balcony and I am pleased to say, that it is not a complete north balcony, rather a north-west side. We sat there last night for dinner and all of a sudden, the sun came peaking around the corner shining on my plants over there. Yey, sun!
Funny thing is, that this was the first time we actually sat on this balcony in the two years my Mister has been living here. Before, the floor was covered in black and green moss/algae, the walls were dirty with old leaves and spiderwebs, there were twigs from nearby trees all over the place and water standing on the moss-covered ground because the drain was clogged. Wish I had taken some before pictures. The whole thing was left unattended for about four years. Then in I moved and being a bit of a neat freak, the balcony had to be cleaned, of course. It took us several rounds of cleaning with the heavy duty stuff and voila, we can now sit on it and enjoy some evening sunshine. Oh, and grow veg!

Back to the update. Today I gave my peas a new home in the pot I bought two days ago. They look lovely, so crispy green. I cannot wait to harvest some nice sweet peas.

And then on to the water collector. This is my first attempt made from an umbrella turned upside-down. I then punched holes in the lowest part (which is the tip of the umbrella if you hold it correctly) and placed a bucket underneath it. The weather forecast predicted rain today so I will soon find out if the system works.