Rain collection success and first blossom excitement


Thought I will write down a small update on my water collection ideas. The weather has been quite gloomy here over the past few days, lots of drizzle and small rain showers which was great to put the collection system into use.

The reason for collecting rain water is of course that rain water is the best to feed your plants with. Also, watering all the buckets and baskets using tap water will be quite costly, which is of course not what I wanted to achieve by growing my own veg.
I basically came up with two systems to catch water. First, my el cheapo plastic balcony chairs have water drainage holes in them so I just simple placed a bucket under each chair to collect the water dripping through the hole. The system works and I collected about two liters. Nice. But not enough, clearly.

Obviously, I need a bigger surface to collect from. For this purpose, I turned an old umbrella upside down, poked holes in the bottom and placed it over another bucket. And low and behold, that works great! I collected almost ten liters of water within two days and actually had to switch out the bucket underneath the umbrella to collect even more. So I guess it will be another trip to the hardware store to buy one of those rain collection tanks. Or maybe I will find one second hand. I would rather go for wood than those ugly blue and green plastic things. Lets see what I can find.

As for my plants, I was very, very excited to discover some blossoms on my tomato plants. Maybe we will have some yummy tomatoes soon, then? Also, my thyme starts blooming now. Love those tiny purplish blossoms.

Go gardening and see you soon!