Second hand shopping Leeuwarden

Hi there,

to break my stream of contimuous bragging about my balcony, I thought I will treat you with something else.
While most of the big second hand stores in Amsterdam nowadays make it into regular tourist guides, the north of the Netherlands is less well described. Not that I am an expert, I only moved here a few months ago. So actually, this will be a project in development in which I explore and report and update you on the second hand scene up here in Friesland.
So lean back and enjoy this totally subjective list of my current go-to's in terms of thrifting and second hand.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliations with any of the mentioned institutions.

Right, let's crack on.

My very first mention is the one I go to the most simply because it is close to my home.
1) The Estafette Kringloop is a thrift store and it is BIG. You can find everything here, including furniture for your home or for your garden, tableware, knick-knacks, books, clothes, LP's, audio equipment, computers, ... The staff is very friendly and the whole shop very organized and clean. Because it is a thrift store, you may find more interesting things one week and less the next, so frequent visits pay off. But even on a random visit, a friend of mine managed to furnish her daughter's room here in one go. And she is a bit of a style afficionada! Also, I have never left empty-handed so far.

On the opposite site of the street, you will find yet another second hand shop in an old factory lot. They offer everything really old plus some rubbish. Prices, however, are really high and the whole thing is crammed and chaotic. Staff is a bit more grumpy and ... ummm... well, they are not paying so much eye to detail and order as in the kringloop. If you are looking for that unique crate of coca cola from the fifties or an old wicker chair you can restore, this is the place to be. But be prepared to pay the extra 30% for the items "vintage" label.

2) Over en weer. This is a second hand shop located right in the centre of Leeuwarden and in one of the most charming streets, I think. The Nieuwe Oosterstraat offers you all in one street. There is a grocery store, butcher, fishmonger, tea-seller, gallery, shoe store and this second hand shop. Staff once again is very friendly and a bit quirky. Women of all ages all dressed up in different styles from hippie to JAckie O-inspired. And those ladies mean it, they do not play dress-up. Clothes are middle to upper designer class, mostly Esprit, Espresso, Mexx with the occasional Jil Sander. All in very good shape and the prices are accordingly. If you are looking for that power suit or a cute little something to wear for Dad's 60th birthday, this is your place to be.

3) A new store, which has no real name yet and I cannot find it online. Still, if you are in the city, just check it out. Prices are very reasonable, and you will find a mix of vintage, H&M and handmade items. It's real fum to go through the racks of clothes - color-coded! But beware, you can only pay in cash here!

4) Terre des hommes. Another shop a bit further away from the centre, but very cute and definitely worth visiting if you are in the area. They have a bit of everything, but with a focus on clothes. The shop is run by volunteers and you purchase supports children in need. Wait, shopping for a good cause? Do you really need more reason to check it out? Prices, maybe? Right, prices are low!

Voila, this was my first round of second hand shopping tips in Leeuwarden. But oh, there are so many more to discover. I will have a look at them soon and update you on my experiences.
Now come on, visit Leeuwarden! You can also go thrifting here and it is overall cheaper than in good ole Amsterdam...