Three weeks ago and off-season hiking

Hi there,

now at the moment there is not that much going on in my life or on the balcony garden so I thought I will give you a bit of eye candy I snapped three weeks ago. We were invited to the birthday party of one of my Mister's relatives. After a posh lunch at a country estate, the birthday girl surprised us with the announcement that for the rest of the afternoon, we will go on a cruise with a couple of mini's.
This was so much fun!

 Whohoooo! Ok, it was rainy but the red hot mini made us forget about the weather.

We were a party of eight and got three minis and a map with a route through the area. A quick intro into how a mini works and off we went! The route took us through the forests and along some spectacular country estates in the province of Gelderland.

I know this part of the Netherlands for it's forests. The Veluwe is the most well known forest area and national park of the Netherlands and very well visited by hikers and mountainbikers.
The Mister and me went there for a weekend away last year in february and it was spectacular. Because february is not the most busy time of year to go hiking, we were lucky to wander through almost empty forests and enjoy the quiet and calm of that region. It was cold, I admit. But it was also so beautiful and at the end of the hike, there was always a cafe and some well-deserved hot cocoa.

So from my perspective, going out hiking in the less-favourite season is absolutely recommended!