Trellisses, trellisses

Hi there,

just another quick update from my balcony garden. I went out yesterday to get a couple of things and get on with some exciting projects.
First off, I needed to make some proper supports for my cucumber plant and the peas. It's constantly windy here and seeing them getting  blown back and forth worried me. So I got lost on Pinterest, checking out trellisses two days ago. I also got inspired by the pea supports Katie from Katies Allotment made. In the end, I ended up buying bamboo sticks which I connected with tow, done!
While securing my pretty little cucumber plant, I realised some little "thingies" growing at the stem of the plant wherever there was a leaf sprouting off. I may be wrong - in fact, it is very likely I am wrong - but to me they look like mini cucumbers. How exciting would that be! Will definitely check up on those regularly.

 Cucumber all wrapped up around the trellis.
 Thingies close-up

 Come on you peas, climb!

Another project concerns the storage of my supplies: seeds, gloves, all that kind of jazz. It was all scattered through my cupboard and made a huge mess. So it was happy times yesterday when I discovered an old children's picknick basket at our local goodwill. I don't have that many seeds yet so they fit in there just fine. It has elastics in the lid which hold a bit of yarn and my gloves and there is plenty of stuff for my ever growing amount of gardening tools. All for less than a euro - SCORE!I also found two old gardening books and look forward to cuddling up on my couch with a cup of tea (ok, who are we kidding, it will be coffee) and dive in there.

 Isn't this the cutest little basket? Look at the lock, swoon.

Have a nice weekend everyone!