Last weekend: a boat trip and a pleasent surprise

Hi there,

how was your weekend? We had a public holiday here on thursday and took off friday as well to have a nice long weekend to relax. It worked a treat, I am refreshed and ready to go again.
I would consider us being quite active people so hanging out on the couch all weekend was not an option. Instead, we went for a boat trip on friday. We rented a small motor boat (a "sloep" as it is called here) and made a trip over the frisian lakes. It was a bit chilly but sunny and in the end we both had a sunburn because we did not realize just how strong the sun is already. The frisian lakes are beautiful, the landscape is just so unique and it is filled with wildlife.
You can also rent kayaks here and there which will bring you even closer to wildlife as you are allowed to paddle around the preserved parts of the landscape, too. However, the Mister is not really into paddling so we went with the small motorboat instead.

On saturday, I was being the supportive girlfriend cheering for the Mister at his tennis tournament. Sadly, their team lost but we had a really good time celebrating afterwards. On my way to the tennisclub, I took a slightly different route as usual and came across a small gem. A beautiful wild garden!
In our neighbourhood, there are lawns, lawns and more lawns. The city wanted to create a bit of green but not fuss with it too much so lawns are the way to go. Every so often, someone from the city's gardening team comes by to mow the lawns and that's it. Or so we thought. Last week, we received a flyer that the lawns in our neighbourhood are not only boring us but a lot of other residents as well and they are now looking for alternatives on how to make the area more attractive. Hurrah! Finally! While the area going first is not exactly close to where we live, I hope that this initiative will spark a chain reaction and result in more resculpturing of the boring lawn. While this project is still in progress and no real plans are developed yet on how to redo the lawns, there is this tiny piece that already looks different. I do not know why it looks different or who made it, but it was such a pleasent surprise as I walked there. There is paths made of seashells, there is a little pond in the middle, lots of wild flowers, some buxus, peonies, iris. That little stretch of land was buzzing with wildlife, frogs, insects, birds. I really hope it is an example to the planning commission and more places like these will emerge in the future.