Hotel review - The student hotel Amsterdam

Last week I had to spend a couple of days in Amsterdam for work. Though normally I am lucky enough to have incredibly friendly colleagues and friends in the city that let me crash on their couches, I do not want to bother them too often. So for this time, I went looking for a cheap hotel to stay. I knew that I would not spend much time in the hotel, basically all standards it had to fulfill were:

1) Safe enough to leave my things behind.
2) Clean enough so I could have relaxing showers and cuddle up in my bed
3) Close enough to work and metro

That's it. I do not eat breakfast in the morning and in the evening I normally have plans so there was no need for a restaurant. I also did not need to do any laundry because it was just a couple of nights.
My trusted go-to website for looking up hotels is and over there I found "The Student Hotel" Amsterdam. Two nights for 96 euros sounded fair for Amsterdam, it was a five-minute metro trip from work and other guests were rather positive. So I booked a single room and went off to check it out.

The concept of this hotel is quite interesting I must say. It is not just a hotel but also a student house. So next to the building housing hotel guests, there is also another building with quite similar rooms which are rented out to students. Rent covers everything including gas, electricity, WIFI, ... Students can choose between basic and more luxurious rooms and so far, all basic rooms are rented out.

In the hotel part, there are also several options available from basic to more spacious rooms. I chose the most basic single room options there was. I arrived around 7.30 p.m. that night and went straight to the reception. Checking in is quick and one is greeted by very friendly, quite student-looking staff. The atmosphere in the lobby area reflects the student character even more, lots of young folks all over the room. There is a very pleasant vibe to the lobby that can only be found in student hotels, I assume. Excitement, adventureresness, happiness. Love it!

Upon check-in, you get a chip which opens the door to the hotel room house, your hotel room door and grants you access to the lounge areas in the main building. Even though this hotel is called "student", I did not have any problems with noise and partying fellow floormates. The walls and the isolation seems to be thick and sturdy because when I left my room on wednesday morning I came across people talking about last night's adventures. Noise issues were obviously well-tackled in the building process.

My room was basic, I knew that upfront but... it exceeded my expectations. Big compliments to the designers, they did an amazing job. The basic single room consits of a bed, a closet / desk combination and an en suite bathroom with shower. Not much. But the attention to detail in the design of the room was surprising. Everything looked well-made and quite high-end. The room was extremely clean, the bathroom contained incredibly fluffy towels and the whole color scheme exuded a feeling of peacefulness that stunned me.
Although the room was small, it was definitely not claustrophobic and I enjoyed my time there so much I went back extra early on my second night just so I could enjoy it longer. Well done, Student Hotel!

 My room.
My bathroom and the lobby.

The reception is always staffed, you can talk to people there 24/7 and they are very kind and helpful. As said, I did not try out the restaurant, but from what  I saw prices are very reasonbale for Amsterdam and it also looked very well-designed. Young and fresh. 

So all in all, if you are planning on visiting Amsterdam, this hotel is a great option. It is situated directly next to the metro and you are downtown in Amsterdam in less than 30 minutes. The airport in Schiphol is about 45 minutes away and you have easy connections to the Dutch train serviees. 

A big thumbs up!