Evaluate your style - building your personal brand

In my last post I was talking about planning the basis of your capsule wardrobe wisely.

Now, I want to show you the process I am currently going through to determine the basis of my capsule wardrobe.

Some basic considerations first. What is my current lifestyle and where do I want to be in a year or even two years. Sounds like I am having a job interview with myself, right. And I hated this question in job interviews until recently. It suddenly dawned on me that having a goal in life is what this is all about. And I am pretty sure we all have aspirations and dreams. Why not make these dreams work for us? Why not actively going after them! Let's do this!
Whoa, reality check. Yes, yes I know some dreams are not meant to ever being made real. Dita von Tease, if you ever read this, you might miss out on a good friend by not getting to know me! Err... back to the topic.

Evaluation of current and future lifestyle:

  • Current job situation: unemployed
  • Future job situation: manager, junior group leader
  • Current activities: working from home, traveling, working in the lab, networking, job interviews
  • Future job activities: working in the lab and administrative, meetings, congresses, networking
  • Current wardrobe style: plain, vintage, cute
  • Future wardrobe style: vintage-inspired, feminine, elegant
  • Current hobbies, leisure time activities: the gym, cycling, city trips, hiking, couch-potato-ing
  • Future leisure time activities: moving into and renovating a house, hiking, city trips, the gym
Evaluation of my personal favourite outfits:

 Summary: do we see a pattern in these outfits? Most likely so. I almost never wear jeans, I enjoy cropped and fitted pants. At least for summer. I do not know why but obviously never take picutes of my outfits in winter. Interesting.... I have a thing for pencil and A-line skirts and oh yes, I love to sport a retro/vintage look. I think that classic outfits like these also flatter me the most which is why I am so attracted to vintage I guess. Subconscious creepy mind...

Good. Now I can rule out what will definitely NOT suit me even though I love the looks of the following outfits. Still, I shall not aspire to try and prove the opposite, pinky-swear!
This first outfit is cute and fits her perfectly, but no chunky makes-me-look-pregnant sweater for me. It is her style, not mine. Not for my bodyshape.

 Outfit number two. Found here. Again, stunning on HER. The coat has a double row of buttons. If you are heavy on top, this model makes you look bigger than you are. Go with a single row which elongates your silouette. Also, no horizontal stripes. We all know they make you look bigger and no matter which size, color or style of garment I try, they ALWAYS make me look bigger.

Number three. Oh my, I wish I were so cool. But no, not for me. The color of that shirt makes me look anemic at best and terminally ill at worst. Believe me, I tried. Often. Stubbornly. And the leather pants/leggins are great on her but being a bit more... shall we say.... larger... they make me look like I would explode out of them any minute. Pass.

Great, you may think. Is there then anything left I can wear? Oh yes, plenty even. Let's see what fits the classic, vintage-inspired bill.

Pencil skirt, seemed stockings and heels. Classic for a date night or any other special occasion. In fact, I have all the ingredients although I do look for pencil skirt options to replace some of my worn out models.

Jeans, ankle boots and a dark sweater made from a fine-knit, subtle material. And oh how cute is that scarf! Again, I have all the ingredients, just never tried the combination. And yes, that dark fine-knit sweater I own since 2009 has to be replaced as well.

This last combination also is so classic and chic, yet still a bit edgy. A dark shirt dress is figure-flattering and a chunky vest works well even for the larger chested types like me. Finish it off with some heeled boots that will elongate your silhouette and you are all set.

See, plenty of inspiration. If you want to see what else inspires my style, feel free to stalk me on pinterest. The boards "Silver Screen Sirens", "Outfit Inspiration" and "Style Inspiration" may be the place to be then.