How to develop your personal style: trying new things

Just a quick update. While I am style full swing into evaluating my style and wardrobe needs, I am also on a quest to discover new areas of style I was always too afraid to try. Because they were not for me, others said. Oh really? Looking back, I wonder how on earth I managed to hold on to comments people made years back without ever questioning them. I know.

Oh well, thank god it is never to late to slap yourself on the forehead for blindly accepting other folks' opinions and get your buttoms in action.

My current major breakthrough must sound hideous for most but in fact is major for me. I painted my nails. My fingernails!!!

Now I always paint my toenails. Always. No really, I do not think they were ever without nail polish for longer than a week ever since I was 14. If that is good or bad for them is not up for discussion, I love having pretty painted toenails. I am shallow like that. Deal with it.

But my fingernails? Never! Years ago, in my goth times, a family member pointed out that I had stubby, fat fingers. And that I should not use colored nailpolish (black at the time, of course, was the thing to do) otherwise it will draw more attention to their fattiness.

What a complete piece of!!! Yes, maybe I should not paint them flaming red, but how will I ever know that if I never try? So here I am, about 20 years later (don't say it, I know), painting my nails woth colored nailpolish. I started slow, with a beautiful grey with a subtle purple undertone. And I absolutely adore it. Not sure how long it will last and if I have the energy to redo my nails all the time, but at least I know now that I COULD redo them should I wish to do so. Thumbs up for trying out new things!!!!!